Weedon and Rushden

What are lip fillers?


Lip fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid strategicallyplaced into the lips to add shape and volume. Hyaluronic acid is naturallyoccurring substance and is considered ‘non-permanent’ and thus the process iscompletely reversible if required.


How long does it last?


Over time the filler is naturally degraded by the body. Thisprocess happens more rapidly after the first treatment (4-6months), howeverwith repeated treatments results can last over a year. This is not an exactscience and will vary between individuals depending on their body’s naturalmetabolism.


Does it hurt?


At Saving Smiles, we place all of our fillers afterproviding dental blocks which ensures our clients do not feel anything duringthe lip augmentation process. The numbness will last approximately 1-2 hoursand the use of an adrenaline based local anaesthetic reduces the amount ofbruising.  The process can also be donewith only numbing cream, however this does not penetrate the deeper lays of theskin/lips where the filler is placed thus will cause discomfort when injectingfiller into the lips.


Treatment Summery


Cost: 0.5ml = £150   1ml = £250

Treatment time: 30 minutes

Recovery time: 1-3 days

Length of results: 6-12 months (may be required morefrequently in first year depending on individual goals)

Side effects: swelling and bruising

Time off: none