Of course! How important is your smile?

From first hand experience at Saving Smiles we have seen the impact orthodontics can have on a persons life it is well worth it.

The healthy benefits you can gain as a result of undergoing Tooth Straightening treatment are simply inarguable. Most people have orthodontic treatment because they want their smile to look better. But it also has a number of other advantages. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, which can reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. As a result you will need less on going treatment and your teeth will be strengthened, maintaining a ‘good bite’ making chewing easier and aiding food digestion.

Orthodontics (tooth straightening) is an increasingly popular treatment for both adults and children. It is much easier and quicker than it use to be, and the latest braces means that braces are much less noticeable. There are several different types of braces from the invisible braces to ceramic tooth coloured braces and even coloured braces with fashionable colour options.

Orthodontic options to straighten teeth:

Inman aligner – The Inman aligner is the fastest way to straighten teeth with a removable appliance. It is excellent for aligning just crowding of the front four teeth in a matter of weeks. For adults this is the most common form of crowding so it can be used in many different cases. Treatment time typically takes 6-to 18 weeks and because it is removable you can take it out to fit with your lifestyle


Clear Aligners

Are an almost invisible method used for straightening teeth through the use of a series of custom-made aligners. Your dentist, with the help of 3-D computer technology, evaluates your teeth so that the series of customized aligners will be exact. Each aligner set is worn for around two weeks which gently moves teeth into a position that results in far straighter teeth. Aligners are used full-time, night and day, except when eating, brushing and flossing your teeth and the average duration for use is 12 months.


Quick Straight Teeth Braces

This is another form of discreet brace. The wires are small and tooth coloured. While wearing these braces the recipient feels little discomfort and the treatment time may only be 6 months due to the use of special memory wire. Quick Straight Teeth Braces concentrate on those teeth that affect the smile the most and the best thing about them is that the majority of adults can be candidates.

Tooth straightening will make your smile look fabulous and that smile will last for the rest of your life!