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Volunteering in Africa: Dr. Vivak Shah’s Journey

In November 2021, Dr. Vivak Shah and his family travelled to Kenya to volunteer at the Maasai Dental Clinic. The following year, in July 2022, they embarked on another incredible journey, providing much-needed dental care to remote communities in Tanzania.

Fast forward to 2024, and Dr. Shah, along with his two boys, are now preparing to travel to Mozambique to once again provide similar care over a two-week period, this time supporting SmileStar.

Dr. Shah is on a mission to offer essential dental care and educate people on oral health, particularly in disadvantaged rural communities in Mozambique and its surrounding areas.The team will be working closely with the local communities and staying in the area to accomplish this important objective.

SmileStar: A UK-Based Charity Making a Difference in Disadvantaged Communities

SmileStar is a charity that operates dental clinics in deprived areas across Africa and India, as well as for ex-Royal Marines residing in the UK. Their main goal is to provide free dental care to groups who lack access to safe and effective dental treatment, promoting better oral health.

SmileStar’s volunteers are all self-funded, covering their own airfares and living expenses. The team consists of a group of highly skilled dentists, dental nurses, dental therapists, doctors and non-dental practitioners who assist with sterilisations.

Dr. Shah’s patients can attest to his unwavering passion for dentistry and aiding those in need. Despite his professional responsibilities and young family, the Saving Smiles team admires his dedication to remarkable projects, which serve as a true example of leadership through action.

We wish Dr Shah and his boys Arjun (11 years) and Aryan (10 years), the best of luck on this new adventure!

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Sir Winston Churchill

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2021 – Maasai Dental Camp

2022 – Smile Star, Tanzania