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At Saving Smiles, we have placed over 400 dental implants and counting.

For the months of March, April and May 2020, we have a FREE Consultation Offer.

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Gaps in Your Teeth

  • Are your teeth (or lack of them) getting you down?
  • Are you embarrassed by gaps or missing teeth?
  • Do you cover your mouth with your hand when you laugh or smile?
  • Does your smile impact on your social life?

Don’t worry, if you need dental implants, we can help you restore those missing teeth to how they once were and put the confidence back into your smile.

Dental implants can be one of the most effective and affordable treatment to replace missing teeth, helping you smile, eat, chew and laugh again with confidence.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial roots that act like natural teeth, so you won’t even notice the difference. They can be used to replace just one missing tooth by supporting a crown, multiple missing teeth by acting as the support structure for a bridge of several crowns, or can hold loose dentures securely in place.

Dental implants maintain the natural bone in your jaw, preventing further bone loss and that sunken jaw look.

Implants are inserted into the jaw in a quick and painless procedure unlike conventional dental bridges, which require adjacent teeth to be drilled for support.

Because implants are anchored into jawbone, they offer unparalleled stability and comfort similar to that of your own natural teeth.

At Saving Smiles we believe in using gentle, minimally invasive techniques, designed to preserve and maintain as much of our patients original tissue as possible. However, in some cases, patients have experienced shrinkage of bone volume, due to infection or simply the wear and tear of using a denture.

If these patients wish to replace their missing teeth with dental implants, it can be necessary to consider rebuilding the bone using a bone graft, so there is a solid, secure base in which to implant the artificial titanium ‘root’.

With proper care and correct oral hygiene, dental implants are a long term solution to giving you the perfect smile and restoring your confidence.


“I had an accident whilst out walking my dog, which resulted in me damaging my upper two front teeth and my kneecap ! 

After x-raying my teeth it was apparent I would have to lose one of them as the damage had reached right up into the root. The dentist manage to temporarily fill the teeth fusing them together, giving me a bit of breathing space to get over the initial shock of the accident and let my mouth settle down. 

I received some great advice about the options available going forward,  for me to consider over the following days. 

I decided to go for a tooth implant with Dr Vivak Shah. Dr Shah or Vivak as we now call him was amazing he explained the procedure and told me it would take approximately 9 months if i was a successful candidate for the dental implant. 

I was extremely anxious about the treatment ahead, I don’t know if it was apparent, Vivak took moulds of my teeth and booked me in to have the tooth extracted 2 weeks later. 

At the appointment he fitted the plate with the one denture straight away, which Vivak said I would hate ! and he was right I did with a vengeance, but I would have hated it more if I had been left with a gap ! 

Vivak always talked through the treatment before and during the procedure which was very reassuring, I completely trust him and the team,  I can honestly say I did not experience any pain during any of the procedures, I experienced a little discomfort after the surgery for a few days when stitches were needed but nothing salt water and ibuprofen couldn’t deal with! 

Today I have finished the treatment ! The implant was completed in time for Christmas approximately 9 months and was the best present ever 🎁 to myself, an improvement even on my old teeth ! 

The implant is FANTASTIC, I can taste food again now,  it has given me back my confidence in talking to people and also eating out in restaurants. 

It was not a good year for me but thanks to Vivak and the team at Saving Smiles I can smile once again here’s to 2019 ! 🎉 Thank you again.”

– F Eastmond – 23rd Jan 2019

Benefits Of Having Dental Implants:

  • Implants feel & look like natural teeth
  • Eat & drink with comfort
  • Laugh freely and smile with confidence
  • Can improve psychological well-being
  • Implants are long lasting, stable and comfortable
  • We use a high quality branded implant for treatment
  • Prevents further bone loss
  • Clinically proven
  • High success rate


Central to Saving Smile’s philosophy is passion for dental care. You can trust you are in the right hands for your advanced dental treatment. We work closely with Straumann and BioHorizon, two leaders in the dental implant market.

Thanks to all the innovative research undertaken in this area, appropriately placed dental implants are a reliable long-term method of tooth replacement today.

Our dental implant treatment procedure can be broken down into 3 main steps.

First, you’ll come in for a consultation with our dental implant expert, Dr Shah where you will discuss your needs.

He will carry out a full assessment and take any necessary x-rays. We also require additional information on your bone which is provided by a digital scan of your jaws. So, a scan will follow the consultation.

With these pieces of information, a final treatment plan can be agreed and discussed with you.

The first part of the procedure is the implant placement appointment, during which your implant will be placed and you will be provided with a temporary healing cover to protect the implant. The implant is then allowed to heal with the bone ranging from 2-5 months.

The second part, once the implant has settled into your jawbone, Dr Shah will add a healing cap to the implant, which will have to remain there for about 2 to 4 weeks. After this a series of digital scans will be taken of your mouth and this will allow the dental technicians to make the final tooth for your implant.

Finally, for the third part of the proceddure your dental crown will be fitted and tried in your mouth to ensure a comfortable fit and that its colour matches your remaining natural teeth.

At our dental practices, we regularly treat patients from Daventry, Wellingborough, Rugby, Southam, Bedford, Cambridge, Leamington.

For more information please contact Weedon on 01327 342412 or Rushden on 01933 312992 and we will be happy to help you