Do you have hearing loss? The symptoms…

Do you:

1) Have trouble understanding what people are saying especially in noisy places?

2) Constantly ask people to repeat themselves? 

3) Have difficulty hearing women and children’s voices? 

4) Have ringing in your ears?

5) Find it hard to hear on the phone?

6) Turn the TV volume up to a level other people find uncomfortable?

7) Avoid social situations that you used to love going to? 

8) Get teased about going deaf?

Then you might have hearing loss. Don’t leave it to chance, get it checked and live life to the full again. Early identification of hearing loss and ear diseases is key to effective management.

If you’re at all concerned about your hearing, make an appointment for a free hearing check.

Nothing is hurried, and David Peel, our hearing aid audiologist, will take plenty of time to assess your hearing fully and discuss the options available.