Worried about your hearing?

There are 12 million people with hearing loss in the UK – that’s almost one in five people. *

* Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)

Most people think that hearing loss is something that happens to other people. 

Do you have trouble understanding what people are saying especially in noisy places, constantly ask people to repeat themselves or have difficulty hearing women and children’s voices?

Do you have ringing in your ears, find it hard to hear on the phone, turn the TV volume up to a level other people find uncomfortable or avoid social situations that you used to love going to? Are people even teasing you about going deaf?

Hearing loss affects your whole being.

  • Emotional health
  • Physically and mentally
  • Everyday life

The three main types of hearing loss


The most common type of hearing loss, this happens when the nerves and hair cells in your inner ear are damaged because of aging or exposure to loud noise. It can’t be corrected medically or surgically, but can be helped if you wear hearing aids.


This is usually caused by blockages in your outer or middle ear — fluid, tumours, earwax or even ear abnormality. These can affect sound from getting to your inner ear. This type of hearing loss can often be treated surgically or with medicine.


This is simply a combination of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. As with any medical condition, you need to know what you have before deciding what to do next. Start with a free hearing check with David Peel to discover if you’re affected.

If you’re at all concerned about your hearing, make an appointment for a free hearing check.

Early identification of hearing loss and ear diseases is key to effective management.

Nothing is hurried, and David Peel, our hearing aid audiologist, will take plenty of time to assess your hearing fully and discuss the options available.

David has access to all of the leading brands of advanced hearing aids and accessories, and can supply and fit them for you, as well as provide ongoing support.

If you think you have any symptoms of hearing loss, don’t wait. The sooner you’re diagnosed, the sooner we can take steps to protect your hearing.

Getting the right treatment for hearing loss has been shown to improve communication, intimacy and warmth in family relationships, your career prospects, your earning power, social participation, emotional stability and most important of all, your sense of control over your life.

Hearing aid technology has been revolutionised in recent years. Now you can choose from a wide range of discreet styles from receiver-in-the-canal, to hearing aids that are virtually invisible.

We also offer –

Ear wax removal

The symptoms of ear wax build up are impaired hearing, dizziness, ear pain, a plugged or full sensation, and ringing in the ear. It is very common for ears to become blocked with wax, leading to discomfort, pain and hearing loss

The three main methods of safe ear wax removal.

By instrumentation

At The Sense of Hearing, our wax removal specialist, David Peel has a variety of instruments with different tips, so he can carefully remove any wax and debris from your ear canal. If appropriate, he will gently insert these into your ear, using the correct ones for the procedure.

By microsuction

Microsuction is a system which uses a vacuum to clear the ear canal of wax or debris. There is currently only one CE approved piece of equipment registered to do this – and this is what we use.

By water irrigation

Water is effective in removing debris or wax in cases of a healthy ear canal and intact ear drum. Our water irrigator is also CE marked and designed for safe wax removal. During the procedure, low pressure pulses of water flushes any wax or debris out of your ear.

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