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It is the goal of our practice to provide our patients with quality dental care in a prompt and efficient manner. When an appointment is scheduled, that time has been personally reserved for you. When an appointment is missed, with no prior notification, that time cannot be used to treat another patient. When a patient is late the entire schedule is affected. We have adopted a practice patient charter regarding appointments.

Cancelling appointments

We ask that you give our practice at least 24 – 48/hours’ notice in the event that you need to reschedule your appointment. This allows our practice to reschedule your appointment more efficiently and it also allows us to offer an appointment to a patient that may be in pain. If 2 appointments are cancelled at short notice in any given 12 months, we reserve the right to not offer further appointments. Late cancellation fees are applicable for private patients (£3 / minute).

Missed appointments

If you miss an appointment, we reserve the right not to offer further appointments. Any appeals about missed or cancelled appointment decisions by a patient are to be made in writing to the Practice Manager. Missed appointment fees are applicable for private patients. Patients will be expected to pay the missed appointment fee (£3/minute) and expected to pay in full for the next appointment.

Arriving for appointments

When a patient is late our entire schedule is affected. Therefore, we politely ask that our patients be prompt in being present at the time of their scheduled appointment, it would be very helpful for patients to come 5 minutes earlier so that medical questionnaires and contact details can be updated. We will always try our best to accommodate patients that are late however sometimes it is not possible and we do reserve the right to re-appoint patients arriving later than their scheduled appointment time.

Our appointment times

We will do our very best to keep to appointment times. However, when for some unforeseen circumstances we run late or are unable to keep to appointment times, you will be informed promptly and offered a suitable alternative appointment or asked to see another dentist. A refusal of our offer of an alternative dentist may delay your appointment.

New patient attendance

New patients who fail their first appointment or fail any appointments during their first course of treatment will not be offered any further appointments and will automatically be de-registered. Missed appointment fees are applicable for private patients.

Regular attendance

The practice will archive NHS patients who do not attend for routine care for over 2 years and due to demand, NHS appointments may no longer be available in the future.

Appointment charges

You may be asked to pay for treatment in advance in full or as a deposit. NHs England expects us to take all NHS upfront and at the time of booking. For private treatment we will take £3/ minute as a deposit. All hygiene appointment fees will be taken at the time of booking

Appointment reminders

Patients are responsible for keeping their appointments and attending regularly as advised. Our reminder service is provided as a courtesy and should not be relied upon.

Communication Violent

Abusive or aggressive patients will no longer be seen at the practice.

Vivak Shah

Owner of Saving Smiles

If you have any concerns with the above information we have provided and require more clarity do not hesitate to contact us by email in the first instance on [email protected] or [email protected]