Weedon and Rushden

Quick Straight Teeth

An attractive smile can make you feel more confident and less conscious about crooked or misaligned teeth.

At Saving Smiles, we offer Quick Straight Teeth to patients looking for the most affordable, comfortable and effective orthodontics solution.

Quick Straight Teeth overcomes the four major factors that patients think about before choosing their straightening brand – cost, appearance, time and discomfort. Low laboratory fees and quick treatment times help to bring the cost down whilst not comprising on quality or the end result.

The brackets and wires are all tooth-coloured, making them almost invisible in the mouth.

The average treatment time is only 4 – 24 weeks as the system concentrates on the front teeth that appear when you smile, and though you will not wear the braces for long, they are extremely comfortable ensuring optimum wearability. You can also read some independent advice here at the British Orthodontic Society.