We have a complex relationship with wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, the latecomers to the mouth, can be the cause of many dental problems for patients in Northamptonshire.

In ancient Arabic they are referred to as being the “teeth of maturity”.

Wisdom teeth commonly pose a lot of problems and in fact only 10 percent of all adults report never experiencing discomfort or pain associated with wisdom teeth.

Most people begin to start experiencing problems with wisdom teeth between the ages of 16 and 25. When wisdom teeth come in they generally produce pain and make chewing uncomfortable.

The emergence of these new teeth tends to disrupt the entire alignment of the jaw and mouth, enhancing the pain they cause. This drastic altering of the jaw’s alignment can lead to tooth decay, inflammation and gum problems.

Common symptoms of wisdom teeth problems include stiffness in the jaw, swelling of the gums around the emerging tooth, pain and irritation and tooth decay.

Because wisdom teeth tend to force their way into a mouth that is already aligned, crowding is a common problem resulting from the arrival of wisdom teeth. It is a problem that is so serious that it warrants the removal of the wisdom teeth by extraction.

In addition to problems with overcrowding, wisdom teeth are removed for the pain they cause when they rub against the inside of the cheek and jaw. Wisdom teeth are also removed if they haven’t come in properly and remain impacted either in the jaw bone or beneath the gums.

While they do seem troublesome, it is important to know that wisdom tooth extraction is a routine procedure at dentist surgeries around the world and is usually performed effortlessly and with few negative side effects.

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