Teeth straightening – Timelines and Options

Do you ever wish your smile was straighter?

You may have had orthodontic work during your teenage years that has relapsed, or you may never have previously been offered orthodontic treatment. If overlapping or crooked teeth are bothering you, then you have probably considered the options available to straighten your teeth. There are many teeth straightening systems available to help you achieve the smile of your dreams, but which one is best for your unique needs, and is this the right decision for you?

One of the things that puts people off the idea of getting their teeth straightened is the erroneous idea that treatment with braces in Northampton will take months and months, possibly even years and years.

However, for most people this is not true. This is because the majority of people with wonky teeth only have mild alignment issues and these don’t take all that long to correct. Some can take as little as four weeks, and others as long as year, but very few take the two or three years that many people envisage.

Here at Saving Smiles, we have a wide range of braces and aligners, so there is bound to be one that is just right for your alignment needs, as well as your budget.

The best way to find out how long and how much it will cost to get your braces with us is to come in for a consultation. We can take a thorough look at your teeth as they are now and suggest which treatments might be best for getting them straightened. You can also read some independent advice here at the British Orthodontic Society.

Saving Smiles braces and aligners

There are two types of orthodontic appliance available at Saving Smiles: fixed braces, and removable aligners.

Each system has its merits and is more suitable for different types of orthodontic correction. Your dentist will talk you through all the relevant treatment options to suit your needs, and will help you to make an informed choice.

Treatments include:

Six Month Smiles

This popular system of cosmetic braces is designed to work quickly and discreetly on the front teeth in your smile line. Comprised of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, Six Month Smiles braces are very discreet.

Quick Straight Teeth

This brand offers two different ways to straighten your teeth.

QST clear aligners – These are not the iconic bracket and wire braces but mouth guard-style clear plastic trays that snap on over your teeth. Strategically placed pressure spots nudge your teeth into alignment. As the pressure wears off, you exchange one aligner for the next in the series. Treatment times range from 4-24 weeks only.

QST fixed bracket braces – They have brackets and wires. However, the brackets are much smaller and made of clear ceramic, and the wires are tooth-coloured. The braces blend in with your teeth. With predictable outcomes, these braces take about six months to do their work.


This system of clear aligners can correct more extensive orthodontic issues. You can remove the aligners for short periods, for example to brush your teeth.

We have lots of other systems, so do come in for a consultation and find out how we can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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