Thank you to our local community!

Saving Smiles Weedon Dental Practice has been serving the village and surrounding areas for over forty years, during which time there have been many changes in the delivery of dental care.

Throughout this time the practice has been independently
owned providing NHS and private dental care to the community. Under the direction of Dr Vivak Shah the dental team has grown over the years to include a motivated and committed group of dental professionals providing care to over ten thousand patients.

Saving Smiles Weedon, like the sister practice in Rushden, is founded on the core principle of caring for our local community, many of the team are from the local area and part of that community too. One of the challenges of working in a beautiful rural location is the limitation the infrastructure places upon the practice.

After doubling in size 8 years ago and now with modern dentistry requiring state of the art infection control and new digital equipment the practice building had reached its limit.

Despite working at full capacity, the practice has had to turn away many new patient enquiries, often friends and family of existing patients.

When an opportunity arose to purchase the property adjoining the practice Dr Shah reflects “it felt natural to  embrace the project with open arms”.

However, converting a residential property into a clinical dental practice is not without its challenges, requiring a significant financial and personal investment.

Prior to any building work being undertaken planning approvals and surveys were required.

This work was undertaken in parallel to the continued running of the practice,
and alongside a turbulent time with healthcare providers continually needing to adjust to rapidly changing Covid workplace requirements, and ongoing restrictions.

“To my delight this project received unanimous support from the parish councils of Weedon and Flore, Cllr David Smith, our existing patients and neighbors.”

Vivak added, “I was personally very humbled by this support.”

Approval was granted by West Northants Planning Office in October 2021, with building work commencing the following month.

The practice did not have the luxury of closing for this significant rebuild.

Patients needed to be cared for throughout so meticulous planning was needed to ensure the clinical team had access to the existing surgeries, with covid measures and decontamination procedures supported throughout.

Vivak said, “from this point the project felt like changing aircraft engines mid-flight. We have had to move patient waiting room areas, our reception areas, dentists had to continually relocate to different dental surgeries. With the diligence of the team and incredibly understanding patients this immense puzzle came together perfectly.”

Any building project is challenging, this project with so many additional factors have clearly not been a simple  undertaking. It is evident that the careful planning coupled to the camaraderie between the team and contractors has enabled an incredible achievement.

A delighted Dr. Shah commented “I would like to give my sincere thanks
to everyone who has been so patient over the months, whilst we have embarked on this journey. Our dental team, patients, contractors, neighbours; and of course, our local community”

“To me, a successful business is more than just the sum of its parts. I am absolutely thrilled at the response to the expansion of Saving Smiles Weedon Dental Practice.”

“Patients have been surprised and impressed with the additional space and newly
refurbished dental surgeries. The team are delighted and settling in to their new working environment, pleased to be able to care for our existing patients and excited to be able to welcome new patients to the practice”

I had a routine dental check up last Thursday and find the practice very friendly
and helpful. The internal layout has been transformed and I thought I had walked
into the wrong building – it looks very bright, clean and efficient. Many thanks to
my very congenial dentist – Avril

“It is our mission to provide the best in dental healthcare, and to continue to serve our local communities. This project enables us to accommodate new patients, support and invest in our clinical team whilst continuing to expand the services we provide.”

Vivak extended an invitation for patients, and prospective patients to visit, especially anybody very nervous or who has been avoiding dental care “we welcome people from Weedon and further afield to visit our dental practice and we would be delighted to have you arrange a visit for us to show you what we are all about, and meet some of the team”

The Saving Smiles Weedon Dental Practice has an ethos of championing preventative dentistry through the best dental advice and clincal care, improving oral hygiene and reducing the need for treatment.

Had toothache, the dentist took her time to identify the correct tooth and pulled it. Absolutely painless. Brilliant and thank you. – David A.

In addition to prevention-based family dental care Saving Smiles Weedon Dental
practice now offers a broad range of advanced cosmetic dentistry, both traditional and minimally invasive techniques like composite bonding. Tooth straightening is available for that perfect smile with orthodontics, including traditional fixed and aligner techniques including Invisalign and SureSmile.

For a simple and safe refresh, especially before a big event like weddings, graduations or celebrations, tooth whitening offers a subtle and affordable option to brighten your smile. 

Replacement of missing teeth using dental implants is undertaken by Dr. Shah personally, he is experienced and continually updating his skills to ensure patients get the very best care. 

Facial aesthetics, treatments for the face, are also available by qualified and registered clinicians, this can include many options including lip enhancement and wrinkle treatments for the face.

To meet the team, explore treatment options please call 01327 342 412 or visit the