Many people do not enjoy visiting their dentist; this is a fact. Fortunately though, most people continue to visit and it doesn’t have to be the unpleasant experience that some fear, even when they are only due a check up.
At Saving Smiles we attempt to make your visit as pleasant as we can and it goes without saying that you will be treated courteously and politely by our Saving Smiles Team.
Even with this though, we do understand that some degree of anxiety is likely to remain, and, from talking to our patients over the years, some have suggested the following methods to be helpful with their dental anxiety.


For low levels of anxiety, some of our patients have said that they simply concentrate on their breathing during a checkup or minor procedure such as a filling.
When we are anxious, we tend to hold our breath. This deprives the body of oxygen and makes us more tense. By focusing on regular and quality breathing, a consistent oxygen supply is fed to our brain and helps us to relax. Some people also find that counting the breaths helps them to be distracted from the procedure they are undergoing at the time.

Herbal remedies

Some herbal remedies may help you to relax. These are likely to contain ingredients such as hops, lettuce and valerian. These are known to have soporific qualities and may help you to relax.
If you are on medication, you should always check with your doctor before taking these.

Prescription medication

Your doctor will be aware of the link between your oral health and overall health and do what they can to encourage you to keep up your dental visits. Many doctors are happy to prescribe a short term relaxant to help you through your dental visit although this can vary with the individual.
Above all though, it is important that, whatever your level of anxiety, you continue to visit your dentist for examinations and any necessary treatments.
Putting these off will only lead to more invasive procedures in the future and may also have a negative impact on your overall health.