In November 2021, Dr Vivak Shah, our principal dentist, will be heading to Kenya to volunteer with the World Health Dental Organisation.
Kenya is a very diverse country, with at least forty different cultural groups, who speak a number of different languages – Swahili is used as the common, national language and the official language is English.

The best known of the Kenyans are the semi-nomadic pastoralists, the Maasai, who herd mainly cattle, but also keep goats and sheep

With his wife and 3 children, they will be supporting local communities in remote areas of Maasai Mara, who have no other access to dental care.

Located in a vastly underserved area, the clinic is for the benefit of the 50,000 Maasai people.

The clinic has provided free dentistry on the Mara since 2008. It has been served by licensed dentists and hygienists from all over the world, driven by passion to “give back.”

Vivak is very keen on educating the local communities in basic dental and general health, encouraging them to look after themselves. Vivak believes the dental care and education will make a massive difference. As part of this programme, Vivak and his family will get an opportunity to interact with young children at a local school.

This will provide an opportunity to engage young children with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to develop healthy dental behaviours and take responsibility of their own oral health.

Such projects clearly make a great deal of difference to the lives of the local communities.

We wish Vivak and his family a safe trip!

If you would like to contribute to this programme, please visit this link.