A dental implant bridge is similar to a regular bridge, but instead of being supported by your natural teeth, it is supported by implants instead.

A dental implant bridge proves most beneficial when there isn’t enough jawbone to support several dental implants. In this instance we are able to place a single tooth implant either side of the missing space, on which we then place the dental implant bridge.

It involves a process whereby the implant is permanently fixed to your mouth. This mean you no longer have to worry about a wobbly denture and the discomfort that wearing one brings.

Dental implant bridge don’t need to be removed for cleaning and once secured, you can feel confident knowing you can chew and speak with ease, as if they were your real teeth!

If you have lost one or more of your chewing teeth, you may feel it becomes harder to bite properly. As a result, you unavoidably start using your front teeth to counteract this.

By opting for a dental implant bridge, you can protect your remaining healthy teeth, as it re-establishes the balance of the chewing function. So not only are you replacing the teeth you have lost with something that feels real, you are also protecting the remaining healthy teeth too – bonus!

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