Why Dental Crowns are Essential for Your Dental Health

A dental crown is an essential tool for maintaining a healthy smile.

Dental crowns are custom-made caps that fit over your tooth, similar to how a hat fits over your head.

Your dentist will prepare the crown, which is then handcrafted by a dental technician.

Crowns can be used to restore the size and shape of a tooth, or for cosmetic purposes to enhance the overall appearance of your teeth.

It serves as the ultimate protector for your teeth, reinforcing and shielding them from damage.

Dental crowns can be made from different materials, including porcelain, metal, or ceramic.

The type of dental crown you choose will depend on the location of the tooth and the biting surface.

Here are some reasons why you might need a dental crown:

  • If your tooth is under pressure, a dental crown can step in and prevent fractures.
  • Dental crowns can restore functionality and appearance to cracked or fractured teeth.
  • After a tooth extraction, a dental crown can bridge the smile gap.
  • If you have discolored or misshapen teeth, a crown can give you an instant smile makeover.
  • Dental crowns can safeguard and restore teeth that have undergone root canal treatment.
  • Finally, dental crowns can be used to complete a dental implant, blending seamlessly with your natural teeth.

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