Wisdom tooth removal is only complex when it is a surgical procedure. If wisdom teeth have not yet fully erupted and are buried under the gums at the back of the mouth then this is usually performed surgically by a specialist dentist or oral surgeon. If a wisdom tooth has erupted normally and is in line with no other complications then removing the wisdom tooth is as safe as removing any other tooth in your mouth.

If a wisdom tooth decays it is like any other tooth in your mouth, eventually the decay will eat down to the nerve and become extremely painful. This can result in tooth loss as well as other extremely uncomfortable problems such as abscess. This is when a fluid filled area built up extreme pressure around the outside of your tooth as a result of an infection.

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After Care Teeth Removal

The general guidance after having the wisdom tooth removed is to:

Avoid rinsing or spitting forcibly for at least 24 hours to avoid dislodging any clot.

  • After this time you can rinse gently with warm water that has had half a teaspoon of salt dissolved into a tumbler.
  • Take any prescribed painkillers at the intervals given to you by your dentist. Any general pain or discomfort should easily be kept under control with these.
  • Use an ice bag immediately after the procedure to help keep the swelling down.
  • Do not smoke as this can inhibit your body’s natural healing process.
  • Keep your head slightly elevated when you lay down, this can help to control any slight bleeding.
  • Continue your regular oral health care routine on your other teeth, but do not rinse with mouthwash for at least 24 hours.