Please join us for our Invisalign Open Day event on 21 st May 2020. Invisalign is a comfortable, removable and
almost invisible way to straighten your teeth used already by over 5 million patients.
For patient’s who book an appointment for the event we are offering a free consultation.


There will be no need for impressions to be taken as we will be using a state of the art scanner to scan your
teeth which will be able to provide you with a simulation showing how your teeth will move with Invisalign.
Limited spaces available, book with the reception team today.

Invisalign is a new approach to teeth straightening using clear aligner technology. Using clear aligners means
that the whole system is very discreet and much more comfortable than traditional ‘train track’ metal braces.

The aligners work by placing gentle sustained pressure on specific teeth, moving them little-by-little into their
new position

On average, you will receive at new set of aligners every 2 weeks as your teeth start to move and straighten.

We will monitor your progress every 6-8 weeks and you will receive your new aligners at the same time. On
completion of Invisalign, retainers will be required to maintain the patient’s new smile, this will normally be a
discreet thin wire fixed to the inside of your upper and lower teeth to hold them in place long-term.
For more information please contact Weedon on 01327 342412 and we will be happy to help you